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The_Fables come true

Chokers and necklaces

The_Fables chokers and necklaces are designed and handcrafted from natural gemstones and crystal beads in our Brooklyn studio. For clasps and all findings we use sterling silver, gold filled materials and vermeil.
  This jewelry is perfect for any look including layering with different chains and combination styles and colors.
  We believe in the energy of gemstones, which in this case is only positive energy, because they are made with love

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Gold filled jewelry

On the site you can also find gold filled jewelry which is a great alternative to fine gold.  Mix and match it with gemstone options to finish your look

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Sterling silver and vermeil

The_Fables' special love for silver! You can find a large selection of silver jewelry and vermeil (aka gold plated sterling silver)

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Wrap it up

Most jewelry comes inside a branded box but if you are buying a gift (great choice!) you can select our gift wrapping option with festive wrapping paper and card with a greeting of your choice

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Crystals and real gemstones


Complete look