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Hello! I'm Irina, and I'm so happy you're reading this page!

I've had this idea of creating The_Fables for as long as I can remember. On one hand, I've always had a passion for beading and creating. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of interesting stories and fairy tales. We all have our own stories to create and share as we journey through life.

Every time I pondered this, I wondered how to combine my two passions: art and storytelling. That's when it hit me to create a brand of handmade jewelry with the perfect name, The_Fables. Jewelry has this incredible power to convey meaningful messages.

In my work, I use gemstones and pearls, I love transforming them to match the latest trends while appreciating their natural beauty. I also love incorporating premium stainless steel materials into my jewelry. It's durable, affordable, looks fantastic, and resists water and tarnish.

The word "diversity" truly speaks to me. In my creations, I enjoy mixing styles, colors, materials, and stories to bring about something truly special.