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   Hello! My name is Irina and I’m truly happy you are reading this page!

I have been running around with the idea of creating The_Fables for a very long time, maybe all my life. On the one hand, I have always loved to create paintings, embroideries, making costumes, I even had my own exhibitions. On the other hand, I have always loved stories and being in the company of my friends, discussing news and fantasies on any given topic. We all create our own fairytales and share them as we go through life. We enrich ourselves through personal communication, social networking or through experiences that we will eventually use to decorate ourselves.

Every time I thought about this, I wondered how to unite my two passions: art and human stories (the most interesting things in the world, because you can’t imagine anything like that). And the idea came to my mind to create my own brand of handmade jewelry under the perfect name, The_Fables. Because, through jewelry, you can say a lot without words.  

The fact that I was born in Russia explains my love for semi-precious stones. They have always been fashionable there and always fashionable to me. Only the decades have changed and, accordingly, the type of jewelry, but the stones remained. So I change forms, adjusting them to the trends of the time, but one thing remains invariable: their beauty is given to us by nature.

In my work, I use only natural gemstones, silver or gold plated silver, also gold filled products. These choices are determined by my own preferences: what would I wear? I’m excited to know I can connect with natural materials, and at the same time not overpay.

I adore the word “diversity”. In my works, I try to mix styles, colors, materials and stories!